We’ve got a kitten!

Her name is Che-Chee, she was born on 12th February 2008, and she’s with us since this monday, 24th March. Surprisingly, she got used to us very fast, no crying or anything, already the first evening she was checking around what all belongs to her.

Many more photos to follow, don’t worry, for now just a small “appetizer”:
Our kitten

Few wallpapers – animals

These are few of wallpapers I posted previously on my old site… Hope you’ll like some!

bird.jpg butterfly1.jpg butterfly2.jpg
chipmunk.jpg curiouskitten.jpg fox.jpg
lazy_cat_01.jpg lazy_cat_02.jpg puppy.jpg
wolf.jpg young_owls.jpg

…and few that are either Corel Painter illustrations, or filtered in Photoshop:

ill-ara.jpg ill-bear.jpg ill-bird1.jpg
ill-bird2.jpg ill-deer.jpg ill-duck.jpg
ill-gepard1.jpg ill-gepard2.jpg ill-tiger.jpg

And last but not least – one (un)likely to be funny “Take it easy!” wallpaper: