Thanks a lot to Symmetry factor for posting this! 😀

Wonderful parody of the way HEP papers are written, by Warren Siegel, author of amazing book Fields – free comprehensive textbook on quantum and classical field theory.

I love especially the sentence “We begin by avoiding a discussion of the following relevant topics: …”. 😀

You can find more physics parodies on Warren Siegel’s pages.

Btw, am I the only one who finds arXiv‘s search to be really crappy?

100th Anniversary of Landau’s Birth

Thanks to “Symmetry factor” blog for pointing this out.

Lev Davidovich Landau, a brilliant theoretical physicist and a founder of a whole school of thought in theoretical physics, was born exactly one hundred years ago, on 22 January 1908. His work was amazingly broad, from condensed matter physics to quantum field theory. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962 for his work on superfluidity of liquid helium. He is one of the few people in the world whose student – Alexei A. Abrikosov – also got a Nobel Prize.

He is also, together with E. M. Lifshitz, author of a renowned 10 volume course in theoretical physics, covering incredibly wide range: Mechanics, The Classical Theory Of Fields, Non-Relativistic Theory of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Electrodynamics, Statistical Physics (2 volumes), Fluid Mechanics, Theory Of Elasticity, Electrodynamics Of Continuous Media, and Physical Kinetics!

Though in todays standards bit harder to read (in my opinion), all 10 volumes are an incredible source of information, and always very handy as a reference handbook, or study book.

For some time now, I’m a proud owner of all 10 volumes, and since some time ago, also of the electronic versions of all 10 books. If anyone’s interested, I’d be happy to share these. Just let me know = leave a comment.

Last word – my favourite part of the mentioned course is when Landau says “as reader can easily verify himself”; I once tried it, took me some 5 pages of computations, but the result was right. 🙂