Film is not dead, no. 2

Continuing my “saga” of shooting on film, I can’t help but wonder, when will the digital photography reach the level that the “on-film photography” achieved?.

Yes, today’s DSLR’s (and few high-end ultra zooms, like e.g. Fuji S9100/9600) did reached, and exceed, the level of control, but one thing I still miss – the dynamic range the film photo cameras have; how many of today’s cameras are able to capture fully a bright summer sky together with building that is partly in shadow? None of those I tried, that’s for sure.

Ok, enough of my blabbing, I know, here are few more of my photos from around Belgrade, as captured during last week:

Sun in the trees Sun on the \
What\'s at the end? Flower carpet
Down-hill and away Corner of calmness
Abstract made by sun Balcony view

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