What’s wrong with PHP?! part 3

The magic quotes, and the safe mode… ‘nough said.

Fortunately, both of these are deprecated in new versions of PHP.
Unfortunately, most hostings are not that keen on updating PHP to the newest version (mainly they’re still stuck at the likes of version 5.1.x).

What to do?
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Convert Accented Characters to Non-Accented in PHP

Often “in the wild”, even in English texts, you meet both accented versions and non-accented versions of certain words, such as brand names.

You’re then facing two options – you can either work with both versions, or get rid of accents. The latter option bears advantage of cutting down the dimensionality of the problem, as you don’t need to presume that you support all existing versions of the spelling, but how to get there?

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Simple password generators

We all need passwords all the time… Yet, according to recent studies, between 30% and 60% of people use the same password for all their accounts! See [1] [2] and more…

For those of us that do need (or better yet, do want) a good password, unique to each application – system account, encrypted partition, ssh pubkeys, server administration, etc. etc. – we need a good generator; don’t forget that simple random typing also decreases entropy!

Here are 2 simple password generators I use (easy to carry around on your flash); both of them use what is readily available on most *nix systems.
Feel free to post your favourite one in comment, so that we all can learn and prosper!

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