Simple Doxygen templates

This is a follow-up to previous tutorial, Simple guide to basic Doxygen usage.

Here are few simple templates that you might use for documenting your source; easiest use is with e.g. Visual Assist X, or any other tool that allows you to add predefined templates to your source code. I use these template with VAX and shortcut set to “/*!”, with short descriptive names, thus I don’t need to remember many shortcuts and have all at reach of 3 key-clicks. 😀

And we finish off with a small list of simple tips.
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Simple guide to basic Doxygen usage

Make sure to also check out part 2 of this tutorial, “Simple Doxygen templates” for many useful templates and tips.

This is a simple guide to basic use of Doxygen-compliant commenting of source code. The guide is written from my point – C/C++ – but it’s valid for all supported languages, except of Python. See Doxygen documentation for use for Python. Doxygen is very flexible when it comes to the form of how the documentation is written, the layout presented here is simply my preference.

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Music for the Day no. 2

Few more of my favourite compositions, for free download in mp3.

Today, we’re going classical:
Dmitri Shostakovich – Leningrad – Adagio.mp3 (17mb) [for the lovers of the Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1994) movie, you might recognize the theme that starts around 6:40]

And 2 versions of J. S. Bach’s Concerto No. 5 in D Minor BWV 596 – (after Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto grosso, Op. 3/11 RV565), both very special in their own way.
Bach – Concerto in D Minor [after Vivaldi] BWV 596.mp3 (10mb)
Bach – Allegro and Concluding Allegro From Concerto No. 5 BWV 596.mp3 (7mb)

Enjoy! 🙂