Film is not dead!

My father-in-law borrowed me his good ol’ Minolta SR-T 303b from 1976… Fully manual (both exposure and focus), wonderful SLR camera. Fortunately for me, it has exposure meter, otherwise I’d be totally lost with the exposure settings.

Here’s the camera, with a wonderful 80-205mm f4.5 macro lens:

Minolta SR-T 303b

It took me like 15 pix to take to get it a bit into hand, not to forget to check something, but the feeling of it is just amazing. The camera is pretty robust (users call the camera “tank” – it sure feels like it can survive anything; how many of todays DSLR’s you think will work still in 30 years?), but fits in hand real nice, and the feeling when shooting is just lovely.

Before the “slide show”, one complaint – how is it possible that just few years ago you could get film for camera literally anywhere, and these days, all you can get is ISO 100 (rarely 200) color film, and no way you can get your hands on black-and-white film?!

Ok, here are few photos from my first roll – all were simply test photos to get my hands on the camera…

Tree stubs along the road

Tree leaves

Leaves on tree

Happy dog

Plastic trash on tree, how sad

One response to “Film is not dead!

  1. I have an old Canon AE Program that is a joy to use. Today’s DSLRs are too complicated.

    I’m also having problems finding good film over the counter.

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