Complete Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy in PDF – 3 books

Bit earlier than promised, I’ve finished the Paradiso, so I bring you complete Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy in PDF for free download, as 3 separate eBooks – Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. If you’ve already downloaded the first 2 parts, feel free to re-download them, as the final versions are extended, with few mistakes corrected, plus with an enhanced layout.

Download links:

After you download any of these files, let me know what you think!
To leave a comment takes you just few moments, and lets me know that I didn’t waste my time (and will give me strength to create more free e-books).

Hope you’ll enjoy!

517 responses to “Complete Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy in PDF – 3 books

  1. Thank you for posting Divine Comedy

    The file Inferno however was dammaged, so unable to open…I don’t now if you can repair it…it would be interesting to have the complete work…

    However it is a nice thing you doing making those text available to everyone…

    So thank you and I wish you luck in every good thing you do


    K.V.Pacheco Norte
    Lagos, Algarve (Portugal)

  2. I just downloaded the file, and all 262 pages work for me under Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, and evince… try maybe re-downloading?
    If your problem persists, let me know and I’ll upload the file elsewhere and post here link for you.

    I’m very glad you like the books, it’s nice to hear that I didn’t waste my time on these… 😀


  3. Thank you for your fast reply

    The second time I was succesful in downloading the first part to

    may’be all of this was about ‘Hahagah Hapratis’, a hebrew term which can be translated as ‘Divine Providence’…to let me know that their still excist people as you who do something without interest just to please others

    May all go well with you and all that walk with you
    Thank you

    Shalom Aleichem

    Algarve (Portugal)

  4. Thanx for the free downloads. I have never read the works and have always wanted too.


  5. I’ve been trying to find this for download for a while.

    Who knew a google search would give me exactly what I wanted? 🙂


  6. Thanks alot for taking the time to make pdfs of this classic! I’m definitely going to enjoy reading these

  7. thanks a lot for the sharing..i was looking for this for months..God bless YOU!!!

  8. I have done PDF’s of documents.
    The OCR is time comsuming.
    The compisition you did is outstanding.
    The scans of the Dore etchings are great.
    I deeply appreciate what you have done.

  9. What fantastic work you have accomplished here. Thank you so much for taking the time to compile the PDF files, it must have taken quite some time.

  10. i’ve been looking for these books quite some time now.
    Thank you so very much for the complete ebook’s including the illustartions.

    Thanks again.

  11. Thanks for these. Just bought an Sony Reader and am delighted to find your copy of the Bulgakov, possible my favourite novel.



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  13. Dante’s Divine Comedy is one of the great works of literature. Beautifully illustrated. Long I have been looking for this book.


  14. Well thank you very much, i am a student from morocco, i’m doing english literature and i realy needed this trilogy. could you please find:
    In the country of the last things by Paul Auster
    The land maid tale by Margaret Atwood

    It would be great. thank you again.

  15. Thanks for the upload, terrific work :). Been looking for this for a while at bookstores, didn’t realise it was here online!

  16. Awesome..I loved readin this the first time I found it in our local library. now I can re-read it anytime I want. thanks for sharing.

  17. Excellent idea to make this literature available on-line. Many thanks and keep up the very good work.

  18. Thanks for this man! I’ve been interested with world literature lately and this is one of the greatest.

  19. Thank you soo much for doing this I’m doing a paper on this book and our school didn’t have it, and I couldn’t find it anywhere (for cheap) so this really helps.

  20. wow, i’ve been looking for these for ages! thanks so much!!! truly appreciate it, and they’re very good quality as well!!

  21. enjoyed very much your pdf of the divine comedy… altough not the best reason but e played te game, and went searching for a the but, and yours was the best of all versions i found, thank you very much 🙂

  22. Thanks, everyone, glad if you enjoy them!

    @LeiZhen – it works for me good, probably there has been some server downtime?… try again and let me know.

  23. Thank you for taking the time and effort, and do something like this! =)
    Now i’m gonna start my reading! thanks to you! =)
    take care!

  24. Thank you very much for sharing these e-books; I was going to borrow Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy from my local library, however, the book was huge (big book=pain)! Now, I am glad I did not check it out.

  25. Thank you… I love all three.. Thank you for taking the time nad energy and doing these..

  26. wow!!!!!!!!!!! very very bi thanks!! ive been looking for these!!! ive been wanting thse since i was in high school!! thank you very much!

  27. wou this is really cool. really glad that i bumped into this. great work man ! this takes quite the effort. really thankful for this. imma start reading now


  28. @JustCheck, Thank you so much. I found another English translation.

    Can you tell us more how you made this happen (create this free ebook, though I am familiar with the Creative Commons license)? Which translation do you prefer? Do you have Twitter where you could be followed? Have you done any other free books?

    Last, to the poster that asked for all 3 books combined. That’s super easy to do. Depending on your PDF program it can combine any pdf for you. Or just google it and you will see what i’m referring to.

  29. Glad you like the books!

    @Great Books Student:
    All pdf’s were created using pure LaTeX, directly with pdflatex. I prefer ViM for editing, as you can not only map keys to commands, but also to input text directly (as if you had many clipboards), e.g. I used Ctrl-v f combination to put in \footnote{. This makes typesetting much easier and faster.

    I don’t have Twitter nor FaceBook.

    There are more e-books I made in the E-books in PDF section. Many more are planned, but the time does not permit so far.

  30. Thank you very much for this resource. I’ve been looking for a digital copy of the comedy for quite some time, and both the quality, and the sometimes helpful footnotes explaining certain aspects of the work are great. Another thing that had me figuratively jumping for joy was the fact that the e-books here have the illustrations, and it makes reading it just that little bit more enjoyable.
    I got interested in it after hearing about the game that EA was bringing out (yes, I do keep up with that kind of news *cringe*), and when I heard what it was about, and did some more research into it, I decided to go straight to the source and read the actual thing. From what I’ve read so far in Inferno I’m glad I did – any game that attempted to do it justice would have to be incredible.
    The time you spent making these was more than likely quite substantial, so I thank you once again for the effort; I really do appreciate it.

    Kind regards and best wishes,


  31. Thank you VERY much. That they aren’t just images but text, makes them easier to use with an e-reader.

  32. you’re epic. thanks so much; worth reading works like these. you did a good work and keep it going.

  33. I am going to subscribe and also share your web site link on Facebook. Your site is easy to navigate and I TOTALLY!!!!!! APPRECIATE!!!!!!!!!YOUR Efforts to put this together. Thank you.

  34. You should sell this on for $0.99 on the kindle with the notes added to the text, its hard to find a good copy on there with good footnotes.

  35. thanks for makeing thease e books. i have been looking for awhile for thease books

  36. Thanks ever so much for making this priceless gem available! Been looking for it.

  37. thanks you so much…..been looking for this for a while – so great of you to take the time to do this, it’s really appreciated!

  38. Than you. I have just started reading Dante after travelling to Italy. This gives me the opportunity to always carry a copy with me to facilitate my study

  39. thanks so much! my boss told me to read this so im gona read it tonight. im planning on getting the book as well as soon as i get the time thanks again! x

  40. Thank you so much.. Appreciate your effort in allowing us to read this wonderful work of literature. God bless you.

  41. Thank you so much for this! I’ve wanted to read this but I didn’t know where to find it. And now I have it on my computer! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  42. Loved It ! Please tell me of you have any more books like Milton’s Paradise Lost.
    – Prathamesh.

  43. Thank you so much for this fabulous piece of work. I was unable to download PURGATORIO… and I would love to have it. Thank you!

  44. Bummer, None of the links are working for me. I tried Mozilla and then IE with no luck. Anything change here with the new year??

  45. Hi Brent, thanks for leaving me a note!
    Yes, quite a lot has changed; among other things, I’ve changed hosting (from shared I moved to unmanaged VPS)… along the way, I misconfigured the server, and www. was pointing to wiki., that’s why you didn’t get to download the files.
    It’s working now.
    Sorry to all who tried and failed!

  46. Loved that u uploaded these! Been looking for these since i was in junior high! Thank you! Would it be possible for u to upload Milton’s Paradise Lost? If so I would love u so much lol. Please keep doing that voodoo that u do so very well!

  47. This is awesome! You are awesome! Thanks for your time and effort making these books available to everybody, as everybody should have them, read them, analyze them and enjoy them, because i surely did.
    Again, thanks for your time and for these amazing masterpiece.

  48. We really need this for our English class!!!! Thank you so much and I don’t have to buy that three books anymore!!!!!

  49. I’ve been trying to get hold of copies of these book since highschool. I’ve heard about this during literature class. Thanks a lot.

  50. I’m very grateful to you. Please don’t lose heart and continue to work hard in the future! 🙂

  51. Thanks a ton for doing this. Trying to do some lexical research for a class and it is very helpful to be able to search for the occurrence of words with a search function rather than re-reading it over and over.

  52. Thanks a bunch! 🙂 I’d been looking for a copy of this for a while and all of a sudden, your result came up in the Google search engine 🙂 I really appreciate the time you took out to make this available 🙂

  53. thank you soo much ive been looking for this and i finally found it great version

  54. Hey, thanks for the download 🙂 Not sure when I’ll actually get around to reading it, but I have decided that these books are worth passing down. Keep up the good work!

  55. I thank you a lot for making dante’s books available online it is so hard to get those copies nowadays!

  56. I’ve beetn meaning to read these for some time now – majoring in English Literature – Thanks soo much.

  57. thank you for the hard work these are wonderful books you did a excellent job thank you again

  58. Been looking for pdf versions of this I can mark up on my Ipad while I’m out and about for some novel research I’m doing… this is perfect! Thanks man.

  59. thank you soooo much! you did a great job! i loved the inferno and can’t wait to see what’s in store in the next two installments of Dante’s Divine Comedy 🙂

  60. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve looked at more than 20 .pdf versions of Inferno and yours is far far far superior in quality to any others!!!! You did not waste your time, even if I were the sole user of your work!!!!!!!!

  61. Just wanted to leave a really big thank you! This is great stuff and it’s wonderful to know there are people like you willing to help others for the sake of helping. Thanks again!

  62. I came upon this site by chance looking for Dante’s Inferno. Wow. Thank you for all you do! 🙂

  63. Oh man, thanks for making these pdf’s. I once have read it but not in rhyme. And this looks beautiful!

  64. thanks man. I was tired of looking for the download… and you posted the whole set. i needed it for class, and it’s an excellent collection

  65. I don’t have words to thank you. I had to write an article for a conference, in english about the Comedy. I have found this jewel. ¿Do you want my writing? A million thanks

  66. Thank You very much
    Now I can read the comedy… On my iphone
    Before closing eyes in bed
    Keep up ghe good work
    Did I write from Copenhaguen, Denmark!
    Yours sincerely
    Søren Lund

  67. I am a reader and I also am a player of RPG’s. I have read Dante’s Divine Comedy in World Literature and I really like your version of the works. I have read many classics and I was looking for acopy of Dante’s Trilogy to reread it.

  68. Cheers man, I just got into the classics and thanks to you I have 3 brilliant books to read.

  69. they are wonderful: elegant and exhaustive. such a well sorted layout will make it easier for the mind to catch up with the words. really, many thanks for your effort and for sharing. they stand out on the page like beautiful gifts.

    be you receiving some sort of gift yourself.

    all the best.

  70. Thanks very much. I want to read this because i’m a big fan of the DMC games and they were inspired by divine comedy :D.

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  73. Thank you so much! Have been wanting to read Divine comedy since long. The illustrations in them are brilliant! Awesome job! 🙂

  74. Very nicely done! You either have a streak of compulsive perfectionism like me, or an artistic bent. Either way, the care put into every detail could serve as a lesson even for some professional publishing companies. The only thing missing were bookmarks, though the table of contents is easy enough to locate. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist adding bookmarks for each canto…

  75. Thanks for taking the time to create these eBooks. Great Job!!

  76. Just read Inferno by Dan Brown, and was inspired into reading the whole of Divine Comedy. Just got what i needed here. Thanks a ton..! Try uploading more books..!

  77. You sir, are a very brilliant man of art. Thank you for sharing these famous works of art in the digital age. Hats off to you.

  78. Awesome…….the visions of hell gives a chilling effect..just read inferno by dan pretty much inspired by dante

  79. Thanks a ton!! Just noe completed dan brown’s Inferno and had an irresistible urge to read the Divine Comedy. Thanks for the help!

  80. Hi, I just downloaded the three volumes (in fact, two are in progress). Did a casual check on Inferno. The presentation is very good, and I particularly like the footnotes being available on the same page and that too, for for Longfellow’s translation and with Gustave’s illustration to boot!. From a reader perspective, it is very user friendly. I am sure I would enjoy reading it. Thank you very much for all your efforts!

  81. Grazie mille, mille, mille. I googled for the Divine Comedy and yours was the first web link I chose. Bellisimo. Surely Virgil had guided my hand. Your passage to Paradiso is assured. We are all enriched by your exacting efforts. Truly, my deepest thanks for this gift.

  82. Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks and lots Thanks. 🙂

  83. Thx u very much..i just finished reading inferno and i felt i must read divine comedy

  84. This is my favorite piece of literature of all time. The fact that this was my first visit and produced such excellent results makes me so happy. Thank you for sharing this treasure of Human Literature.


  85. As they say history repeats itself or reveals the hidden future, so the availability to read such a critical piece of history is amazing. This one piece of written artwork has been a inspiration for so many of histories past art majors michalangelo to leonardi from oils to written to clay & sculture. So thank you in this day of age of fast and instant technology for taking the time and having the patience to share this amazing work with us. To read,save,download or print and not take the time to spend 30 seconds to express graditude would be rude. Thank you again for sharing and please continue to do so. :

  86. Thank you very much. It’s a fast download, very easy on eye, professional, complete in it’s fuss-note, and even I am not someone who is into e-books when comes to belletristic, your approach might change my mind. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you once more and all the best.

  87. i have been running around in crosswords to find these book
    now i have them all to myself
    a big big thanks to u ….man!!!!!

  88. thank you for uploading these masterpieces of Dante Alighieri. this helps us a lot in our studies, being our online reference.

  89. After reading Dan Brown’s Inferno I was spurred to reading the entire text of The Divine Comedy. Needless to say that after 5 years since you uploaded this masterpiece it’s still available. Many thanks-your hard work is truly timeless.

  90. Thank you so much for putting these together for us. I made a resolution to read the classics, but being disabled, I don’t have the money to buy books or the ability to go to the library. Finding files like these is like gold to me, ever precious, and always increasing in value. God Bless you.

  91. I thank u wd my whole heart….for ds free e book of my most wanted epic poem….thanks a lot…..its awesome….

  92. I really appreciated your hard work, to make this pdf version available! Terima kasih banyak!!

  93. This is a big help!! Coz my professor sucks! i have a way of finishin my book report!! Many thanks!!..the story is fantastic..

  94. My Goodness!!! Thank you so much for such a precious masterpiece sharing! I’ve got the whole books translated into Portuguese. This version you have sent is just great – and the comments are essencial to the reading comprehension… : ) Do you have plans to share anything else?

  95. I am reading now inferno by dan brown..and I was looking for danti work. Many thx

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  97. Thank you so much for sharing these!
    Continue sharing my friend, bless your soul. You are what the internet needs. 🙂

  98. I used this beautiful translation in a paper in congress last year in Mumbay. I would like to send it to you, but I don’t know how. thank you

  99. Thank you for this wonderful copy. I was inspired by the great Dan Brown to read Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.. Insightful..

  100. awsome…! don’t know where in my place (west papua new guinea-Indonesia) can I find such a classic masterpiece: no access to library, bookstorethank God that you make it reachable in just a few minutes. I’m reading Dan Brown’s “Inferno” and need a reference to understand the novel. hope that the popular novel can lead me to a deeper interest in Dante’s work. keep up the good work!

  101. THANKS MAN!! Dan Brown’s “Inferno” brought me here.. I already consider this book to read after I finished reading Dan Brown’s book.. Nice Job!!

  102. Thank you for this. I just finished Dan Brown’s INFERNO and I am sure this well help understand the book more.

  103. I was very pleased indeed to find this superb translation of the Divine Comedy so easily. I had started re-reading it in Italian, which is singularly beautiful, but it is nice to have Longfellow’s translation to hand. You are so good to have made this available and I am sure many people will gain a great deal from reading this great work.

  104. Oh my god thank you soooooooooooooo much for making these books available to everyone !!! I’m so looking foward to reading them !! thank-you thank-you THANK-YOU !!!

  105. how kind of you that you made this in e-books specially like me always on the road….. More power!!!

  106. Hey,
    Thank you so much for these free PDF’s of the divine comedy.
    They were very helpful and quite easy to find.
    -Payal (India)

  107. My prayers are always with you.God bless!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am a student of English literature..i just joined this course this year.i got to know about Dante after reading Dan brown’s Inferno.I was longing to read and understand Dante’s work.thanks a lot…God will surely bless you.I will always remember you in my prayers..i am so grateful for the pains you have taken to accomplish this work..May the prayers of Holy Mother Mary and Saint Jude be always with you..God Bless!!!!!

  108. You don’t know how much of a favor you’ve done on the millions on the internet and the uncountable yet to come!!! All Hail !!!

  109. Love to read Dante’s works thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness really really appreciated very much.

  110. I so much appreciate your effort which allow fans of great classics to read free such great literature. Thank you from Pakistan

  111. I could never string enough words together to express my gratitude for this. Thanks a lot good sir!

  112. Just downloaded the pdfs. Thanks a lot. Waiting to gather some time to kick start my reading with these beauties of literature.

  113. Thanks for making this remarkable classic accessible. I’ll read it for the first time, and lo and behold, in Wordsworth’s rendering, thus enjoying the original work reproduced in the poetic elegance of a great poet.

  114. thank you for this!!! this will be a great help for our world literature report 😀

  115. You are the best!
    Thank you so much!
    I have been looking for these books for ages, and to find them online in pdf means a lot less fuss and a lot more time saved, which means a lot to me.
    Thanks for your kind effort so much!

  116. Thank you kindly for posting/sharing these great masterpieces. I have been looking for these books for a while.

    All the best!

  117. After smoothly downloading the fruit of your praiseworthy toil, dear sir, l would most thankfully like to let you know that you are doing a great job (a divine job in fact) and it will help literature-lovers like us, immencely.
    l pray for your well being and health so that you may carry on your mission of spreading light round the globe.
    Thanking you
    Rahidul Sk, lndia, west Bengal

  118. Oh my God! I am so happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sehr sehr dank. Be blessed for taking your time to share these great pieces of art

  119. When I read Dan Brown’s Inferno, I made a promise to read this epic poem… Thanks for providing an offline version and that too free. Thanks a lot😊

  120. Thanks so much for this, these PDFs are flawless in the way they are constructed.

    I wish I found all ebooks as well done as this.

    Again Thank-you *hats off*

  121. amazingly thanks.. I never read dante but now that i want to there is nothing better than these books.. again thanks a lot for all the work and all the three books complete.

  122. Thanks, and thanks again. Triple thanks. I’ve always desired to read Dante’s Divine Comedy, and thanks to you my desire has been fulfilled far beyond expectations. May God continue to bless as you keep up the good work of distributing wonderful books to people who need them. God bless you richly!

  123. In my senior years and been awakened by thirst for knowledge…thank you so much…

  124. Thanks so much for these.
    I’m currently reading a book where the two main characters have a great love for Dante & Beatrice. The Devine Comedy is mentioned many times in the book & I was eager to find & read them myself.
    I thank you greatly for uploading these so I can learn more about them.

  125. Thank You So Much! I Really want to read this Masterpiece by one of the Famous Humanists in History.

  126. Thank you a million for availing me the opportunity to read these books! They can’t be found in the book shops. Thanks once again.

  127. Thanks a million! I can take me time to read them. You’re the main deal!
    Can I request for more books?

  128. Awesome job! Helped me a lot and saved me lots of times and money, well done. It’s amazing!!

  129. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for posting these amazing, famous books, with the original illustrations of Dore, they are simply overwhelming!

  130. If poetry would make one either a sinner or a saint, I am a saint! Thanks to Dante.

  131. Thank you for your effort to put it online like this. Now I can enjoy my reading anytime anywhere.

  132. Thank you. Most of my students cannot afford books. I have myself prepared selections from Dante and pasted some Gustave Dore illustrations, but nothing anywhere near the neatness or professionalism of this presentation. Thank you.

  133. Thank you for this PDF download and you are definitely not wasting your time:-):-):-):-)

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  136. Thank you so much for making The Comedy easily accessible.
    Prof. G. Vaidyanathan

  137. Thank you so much. May God continue to bless you. Once again thank you for the material.

  138. THANK YOU so much for your amazing effort in making Dantes complete works available to everyone. So excited to begin reading this journey. Great job! Again thank you.



  139. Thank you very much!

    I just started reading it. English not being my first language, I’m quite enjoying it.

    Keep up the good work.

  140. Thank you so much. It’s difficult to find this book in my country. So i think this pdf help me so much

  141. Although this post is a few years at the time of this comment, I want to thank you greatly for this! Really appreciate being able to read works like this for free because of people like you.

  142. I haven’t read Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy because I have not find All three Part of the Book, but I have known about the story a little bit. It is my Ideal Love story. It’s my favourite Books.

  143. I’ve download all three books of Dante and just started reading the first one lnferno. Thank you so much, been looking for this book for a long time. Worth reading.

  144. Thank you so much, great to have a copy of this downloaded to my phone so I can use it when out and about. But thanks to you for putting it up for free download.

  145. Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to do this for others. It is much appreciated. God bless you.

  146. Your efforts are much appreciated! Happy to have the illustrations included with the text.

  147. I’m rewriting Dante’s Divine Comedy as a screenplay a post-modern existentialist neo-dada retailing it ain’t no laughing matter ‘cept for when it is. I’m going to use your translation to base my screenplay on, hope that’s okay. I’m going to send you a copy of it, it’s going to be an animated film with me simply telling the story in the background, hope you enjoy it and I’ll send you a link…

  148. Thnx for sharing such a masterpiece with the world and I’ll hope that you keep it up.

  149. This is great!!! Do you have any more books or links available? Thank you
    Robert V

  150. Thank you for the books. Haven’t read them yet but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate how convenient it was to get them, and for free no less. Please keep uploading more free ebooks.

  151. Thank you so much for putting these together. Great job? I tried downloading from (an amazing site for classics) and it was not the book, just info on the poem and a link to download a reference for the ebook. They had other options but I wanted one with Dore’s etchings. This is perfect. If you could now make a epub version for better reading on my Kobo that would be great.

  152. I only have the book paradiso and compared it to the pdf and i observed that the pdf is simpler but the paperback is more poetic.

  153. Thank you so much for your effort! I absolutely love tje pdfs. I use mobile view of WPS office in my android phone and have had a wonderful time reading this. The explanations on each page are also helpful. And the illustrations are marvellous! Thank you kind soul.

  154. Many thanks for putting up the ebook for free. I’m pretty sure that just like me, you’ve been a big, big, big help to many others as well 🙂

  155. Grazie, thank you, for doing this wonderful service for so many to enjoy.
    Dante is smiling!

  156. I am extremely thankful to you for providing the free e-books for such wonderful creations. This will encourage study of these great classics.

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  158. My phone downloaded all in seconds… now to read what these are all about! 😁 much gracious thanx

  159. Big thank you from India. Literature student appreciates your free e book.Thank you very much!

  160. Thank you so much! These are awesome. Makes studying a whole lot easier.


    an arts & culture student

  161. I can now indulge in something I have been hunting for eons. I will surely try engage and educate my fellow Papua New Guineans who have yet to tap into classical writing and poetry.

  162. Thanks a lot. All the links work. No ads.

    No embedded links in pdf files. No registration or surveys that are a scam to gather user information.

    All links work on 27 November 2017, 1:37 pm IST. It’s worth mentioning twice. Great job.

  163. Verry clear text , easier to follow from page to page than some PDF book’s I have downloaded. Keep up the good work 👍

  164. My good friend
    You did did a very good job and the downloading was easy and smooth like butter. My heart thanks you deeply.

  165. this is wonderful, thank you! I’m trying to broaden my library with more classics, many thanks!

  166. Grateful to have those books on my keeping through your untiring efforts. May the good Lord strengthen you!

  167. I must laud your intelligence in working hard to provide this legendary piece for the furnishing of our knowledge.. You’re blessed

  168. Thank you for making this pdf cause in my country hard to find a great literary like this one

  169. Thank you very much. This will benefit my Masters students in Gulu University, Uganda. Prof Charles Okumu:

  170. Hello – superb to have this elegantly presented version. I sort of read Italian (coming at it via Latin and opera mainly!) but like to have a crib nearby to reassure myself if I’m struggling, and a lovely annotated version like this is all I could hope for. Something that might increase the usefulness (though at the cost of disfiguring the page) might be to number stanzas/lines, so that if someone comes across a reference to say Purgatorio 23.56, that can immediately be found. An awful lot of work though. I guess in theory it could be done by an enhanced contents or bookmark list, leaving the text clean as it is at present?

  171. Just downloaded and looked over Inferno – Thank you! You did a terrific job. I’m sure it was a ton of work! You are appreciated!

  172. I have felt strangely drawn to this work due to the many paintings it has inspired.
    I have just bought Prue Shaw’s ‘Reading Dante’ to read alongside the poem.

    Thank you and well done.

  173. I hope that you are still reading these thanks and see that it is a lesson to all of us that one action has infinite ripples.

  174. Thank you. I read a section of Inferno in college and I am interested in reading the complete Divine Comedy.

  175. Thanks so much. I think the Longfellow translation should be considered among the best. Appreciate your making it available.

  176. Thank you for sharing the pdf’s freely cause i really wanted to read about this books but i can’t afford to buy but with you maam/sir you just let me have it for free thanks alot

  177. I just downloaded Inferno and seeing the size of it I am very overwhelmed. I’m a kind of stupid who doesn’t understand poetry but is drawn to these kind of great works. I thought I would give it a shot anyway but now seeing the size… lord almighty!
    Anyway, I was worried about finding the books for free but here I found all 3 of them so easily. At least that takes some pressure off. I haven’t read it yet so I can’t comment on any of that but thank you so much for doing this. ♡

  178. …awesome work man making Dante’s timeless invaluable masterpiece available to us all…the Commedia is a sempiternal supernal gem for all humanity, a confirmation of what the human race can achieve in the imaginative and fine arts.

  179. Thank you (or should I say “Grazie?”) English is my first language and my French is pretty good, too but my Italian is limited to musical terms, so if I am to attempt Dante as a social distancing project, I really need to rely on a parallel translation. How generous of you to have created just what I need and to provide it free of cost!

  180. Saya baru saja mengunduh Divine Comedy, ketiga2nya. Kita semua tahu karya Dante itu adalah salah satu mahakarya dunia. Saya sendiri sudah lama tahu hal itu, tapi baru kali ini berkesempatan mendapatkannya, bahkan secara lengkap. Sebagai orang yang juga suka membaca dan menulis, ini sebuah kegembiraan besar bagi saya. Karena itu saya saya sangat berterima kasih kepada Anda, semoga kebaikan Anda menginspirasi dunia. Salut!

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