Convert Accented Characters to Non-Accented in PHP

Often “in the wild”, even in English texts, you meet both accented versions and non-accented versions of certain words, such as brand names.

You’re then facing two options – you can either work with both versions, or get rid of accents. The latter option bears advantage of cutting down the dimensionality of the problem, as you don’t need to presume that you support all existing versions of the spelling, but how to get there?

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Migrating from VMWare to VirtualBox

After years of using VMWare, I suddenly had to migrate to VirtualBox; I’ve been using VirtualBox for quite some time now, but not in the way I use VMWare.
First I thought it will be a short-lived trip, but now I’m happily stuck. I still had the image of VBox the way it was in the version 1.x in the head. What a blow it was to fully explore 4.x, in my case 4.0.6!

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Change Diff Program for Subversion (SVN) in Linux

I always forget this, thought it’s trivial.

To change the program you use for diff-ing, for editing of the commit logs, and much more, edit the ~/.subversion/config file, e.g.

editor-cmd = vim
diff-cmd = meld

The file is well commented, so you should find your way around it easily.

Note: with update to Ubuntu 11.04, meld stopped to work as an SVN diff program for me (seems like support for ‘-v’ parameter has been dropped); this can be solved easily – just create a new script, e.g. /usr/bin/svnmeld containing:

meld "$6" "$7"

then chmod it as executable, and use diff-cmd = svnmeld in your SVN config file.