How to Setup SVN Server on Shared Hosting

You’ve got a hosting, neat… a shared one. Now it’d be cool if you could move your subversion repositories there also. But, you can’t just daemonize svnserve or enable webdav in Apache.

SSH is the solution for you. SVN+SSH to be precise. The setup and configuration is pretty straight-forward, but there are quite a few glitches along the way.

All you’ll need for this is SSH access to the server and basic experience with the shell.

Hope this guide will help you: Setup a SVN Server on a Shared Hosting – it took me some time to get over all problems, I hope it’ll save some time to you!

3 responses to “How to Setup SVN Server on Shared Hosting

  1. Thanks for the link, but is it really safe to operate a SVN server on shared hosting?

    It seems to me that the host can view your stuffs easier than dedicated/VPS servers..

  2. Hi Joseph,
    of course – any provider can view your stuff, be it dedicated, VPS, or shared hosting. It’s “their” server after all.
    Personally, I use the SVN on shared hosting only for public and less sensitive code; if you do want to be safe, setup the SVN server on a machine that you do own (as I did for private and sensitive code).

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