Cannot switch resolution in Ubuntu

About a month ago I upgraded my work computer’s Ubuntu from 8.10 to 9.04. All worked just fine (though not as fast as a clear installation of 9.04 as I have on home computer – bit of clean up needed), until yesterday, when Ubuntu suddenly switched to 1024×768 resolution, and didn’t want to move to any higher resolution.

nVidia Settings did show me some higher resolutions (and quite exotic ones, to be honest), but nowhere to find the 1440×900 that I need for my LCD.
cvt was able to give me correct numbers for 1440×900 and xrandr was able to register it, but no way to switch to it.

Then I looked at the Synaptic, and to my surprise I found out I have versions 71, 96 (how did those appear, I have no idea!), 173 and 180 of nVidia drivers installed (surprisingly, 177 that I was using on 8.10 did not appear on the list at all).
Also, linux-restricted-modules had one but last version installed along with the current one.

Removed all (nvidia 71, 96, 173, and linux-restricted-modules-2.6.27-11), leaving only the newest versions, and voi-la! after restart, I was back to my good old 1440×900… No setting up, nothing needed, just restarted.

Hope this will help anyone in similar situation! 🙂

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