Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal (Flowers of Evil) in PDF, complete Fr-En edition

For your reading pleasure, I bring you a complete French-English edition of Charles Baudelaire‘s Les Fleurs du Mal / Flowers of Evil as a PDF eBook.

This book contains poems from all editions of Les Fleurs du Mal – the 1857, 1861, and 1868 editions – plus all new poems from Les Épaves.

Poems follow the order of 1861 edition of LFDM, with poems from 1857 and 1868 editions added in order where appropriate; poems added in 1866’s Les Épaves are contained in final section of the book.

English translation by William Aggeler (1954), Roy Campbell (1952), Cat Nilan (1999), Geoffrey Wagner (1974), Kenneth O. Hanson (1955), and David Paul (1955).
Illustrations by Carlos Schwabe (1900).

Released under Creative Commons – Attribution-Noncommercial licence (see the eBook for details).

Download here: Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal / Flowers of Evil (558pp, 6.59MB).
After you download the file, let me know what you think!
To leave a comment takes you just few moments, and lets me know that I didn’t waste my time (and will give me strength to create more free e-books).

103 responses to “Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal (Flowers of Evil) in PDF, complete Fr-En edition

  1. Nice bilingual collection…original French with two different English translations have enriched this e-book…
    Thank u very much…

    (RM – Research Scholar, Calcutta University , India)

  2. I loved it! Just want to thank you. Now i can practice my english and french. I’ m from Bazil by the way… hehe
    Very nice for me.
    Great words as i could read from a rapidy look.

  3. Hi there from Russia! Thank you very very much for this great book! (^.^)
    PS: your blog gets international =)

  4. Greetings from Dallas, Texas, USA.
    I appreciate your hard work for collecting these translations of Les Fleurs du Mal + Les Épaves.

    Great work!


  5. Thank you so much for this. Fantastic to find the Aggeler translation combined with the gorgeous Schwabe illustrations.

  6. I have been looking for a compilation such as this – many thanks for your efforts!

    Reading Le Léthé today, especially the translation by William Aggeler, conjures up images in my mind which feel as if they come from some distant past – difficult to describe.

    Thank-you again for your efforts.

    Best regards from Detroit, Michigan

  7. Hi there,
    I was just wondering, with the William Aggeler translations of ‘To a woman of Malabar’ – which edition of Les Fleurs du Mal did you use?

    Could you possibly cite the book for me please?

  8. Wow! I have been searching for Baudelaire’s Les Fleur du Mal for quite some time. Thank you!

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  11. Thank you very much for this…just found it and it seems to have been posted a little bit more than 3 years ago…it’s amazing the work you have done with this, and i cannot thank you enough for this…i hope you are doing fine and everything in your life is as you want it…THANK YOU. From Mexico

  12. Got tired of checking this out of the library. Nice layout. Looks great on my iPad, especially with the illustrations.

  13. Thanx a lot for such a generous act.
    Btw can u give me an idea where can i find heinrich heine collection to download (for free!!)

  14. Hi,
    I was looking for Cat Nilan’s version, but in this ebook I could only find the translations by William and Roy Campbell!

  15. Thank you for the great work to let the world literature flourish in the course of time:)

  16. Thank you SO much. I lost my copy of this book years ago and have missed it. A lost treasure rediscovered!

  17. Hey there! The download link doesn’t work for me. I’d appreciate it if you could get the PDF back up. I’d really like to read this and your version seems to be the most convenient that I’ve found. Thank you, and thanks for taking the time to compile all this. =]

  18. Hi, sorry about the inconvenience, this problems also effects other PDF’s on the blog; my current host has some problems, hopefully the downloads will be back up soon.

  19. Charles Baudelaire is my favourite poet but I only read in Russian and now I have finally found in English! thank you so much! =)

  20. I am very grateful to you for providing this e-book. You are indeed a very fine person. Your time was not at all wasted. Thank you very much.
    Abdel-Malik M. Abdel-Rahman (Professor of Physics- University of Khartoum- SUDAN)

  21. Thanks Josef for Baudelaire’s Les Fleur du Mal. It is wonderful.

    I was just thinking about the pre-Internet days when the only way ” we” (an older generation) could find these treasures was if there was a copy in a public or personal library to which we might have access or by off-chance at a good book-shop. It was, back then hit and miss and often, particularly for those of us living deep in the countryside quite a lot of foot-work to get hold of rarer works. You needed time, tenacity and more often than not luck.

    Now thanks to people such as yourself so much can be had in minutes. Geophaphical isolation is no longer a barrier – whether you live on the banks of the Chad, in the far flung mounatins distant in New Zealand or right here in the great metropolis of London – now the Internet has become a great equaliser.

    So, yes please keep up the good work. It is not only appreciated but essential.

  22. I thank you friend for bringing this great work to my notebook in my solitary house, anchored in another culture, totally different from yours and yet not alien to universal human art and feelings.

    Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey

  23. To be honest, I only know of his work after I read a fan-fiction in Chinese. The author had used excepts from The Flowers of Evil at the beginning of every chapter, describing either the situation of that particular chapter or the relationship between specific characters. That has sparked my interest and I immediately tried googling it (while being quite aware that the original work was written in French and I can definitely NOT read French). I am really thankful that you have put up this pdf version of The Flowers of Evil since it has the English (say yeah for the English translation!!)! Once again,thank you very much for spending time of making this pdf e-book!!!!!!!

  24. Thank you very much!

    I only heard of Baudelaire after they announced an anime based on it, so I’m interested in seeing how the poems will tie in to the story. Thank you again!

  25. just wanted to say thank you very much for this as well as Dante’s Divine Comedy. HHGttG is appreciated too but do wish the last two books had made it in. 🙂 Bless your ever lovin heart.

  26. i just have one thing to say to you – thank you very very very much!

  27. From peru!,
    thanks a lot for uploading this, i’ve been looking for this book for quiet a while now!, gooshh thanks x3 !!

  28. Wow, thank you! This is exquisite.
    To continue the international blog theme, I’m from Latvia and I’m supposed to discuss Baudelaire’s poetry in Lithuanian tomorrow (exchange studies), so I took this just to use for reference. It’s prettier than the Lithuanian printed copy I have, though!
    The illustrations are a nice surprise, I wasn’t aware of art nouveau-ish ones for Baudelaire (the Latvian edition I read before has really dark creepy ones in ink).

  29. My dearest Uploader I really Really thank you for giving me this book ive been searching for this since 2009… am soooo happy, thank you soo much. cheers.

  30. I started watching ‘Aku no Hana’ (Flowers of Evil) anime and the book was mentioned so it made me curious and wanted to read it. Thanks for providing the bilingual pdf.

  31. what city was is published in? who is the publisher? and what year was it published? I really need to know this,

  32. Your ebook is a wide portal into a deep, and maybe dangerous, work. Greatly appreciate the combination of French original and multiple translations.

  33. 1st result in google hell yeah thanks a lot, btw amazing illustrations inside!

  34. Merci mille fois pour ce superbe livre avec traduction et illustrations. C’est vraiment tres genereux a vous d’offrir ca. Que Dieu vous benisse!

  35. Have only just learned of Baudelaire’s poetry – thank-you for making this available and also with the translations – am now on a voyage of discovery!

  36. (Sorry in advance, my english-writing skill is quite rusty)

    Hello, a friend of mine asked me if this pdf have hyperlinks to get a clickable table of contents, and it seems it has not. As you used LaTeX to make this PDF, I advise you to add these lines at the begging of the source:

    % You can also add:

    Because, you know, as native french readers, we like to jump to our favorites poems of Baudelaire 🙂

    It could be a good idea to present each poem and its english translation in parallel, with the eledpar LaTeX package (or ledpar, but its deprecated).

    THANKS A LOT, this edition is beautiful!

  37. My dearest uploader
    I am really grateful to you for providing this exceptional edition:)))

  38. It was really helpful. Your hardwork saved my time and money. Thank you so much brother.

  39. I promise you did not waste your time. Poetry books are so expensive here and I am so so grateful. Thank you.

  40. Hi there, thanks for the ebook so hyped to start read it.
    give me good recommend book to read, escpecially the “dark” one xD

  41. Like an old wine, it engrosses your soul and your heart absorbs every draught of pain that he went through and left behind for us in this book.

  42. Greetings,

    Never been one to comment/thank online.
    The bracketed text, however, has led me to my first thanks as such.

    Currently downloading, as i am certain it will be a very interesting read,
    Would like to convey my grattitude and excitement and thank you for the effort.


  43. I loved the bilingual Baudelaire edition. I just corresponded with someone who managed the Monet Gardens at Giverny, and I used your edition as a jumping-off point for thoughts on Paris.

    Since you have a “Danse Macabre,” maybe you should think about Villon and “La ballade des pendus.” Certainly Baudelaire inherited Villon’s mantle.

  44. Well, 10 years later, I found your pdf – thank you ao much. I saw this book mentioned in a sobriety newsletter, I love to read and that led me here. Thank you again, Charles in Austin, TX

  45. Finally found…..
    Thank You
    I try to find this complete edition many time until I found your files.

  46. Wonderful resource. Thank you. I can read the Edition Bernard and see translations thanks to you.

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