Network patch for Linux systems under VMWare

If you’re experiencing problems with networking under Linux in VMWare (e.g. loosing connection after switching out and back in the virtual machine, after Pause-Resume, or after your host (A)DSL connection “restarts”), try the following simple patch (tested on FC4 and Ubuntu; you can always simply revert the changes to get to where you were).

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How to install VMWare Tools on Ubuntu/Debian

VMWare Tools are ready-to-install or ready-to-compile on most of the supported guest systems; on Ubuntu/Debian, you have to do a bit more to be able to compile them, since the system doesn’t come with necessary headers and tools.

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Windows XP Customization

Most of the following customizations work on Win2K also, but I’m not anymore sure which do and which don’t.

Enable-Disable Task Manager

Key: Software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Policies\ System
Name: DisableTaskMgr
Value: 1 = Enable this key, that is DISABLE Task Manager
Value: 0 = Disable this key, that is Don’t Disable = ENABLE Task Manager

Customization of Start Menu

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Simple Add-On Wait Dialog in MFC

Despite the prediction of fast end of MFC due to release of .NET framework, it seems MFC is not about to leave us anytime soon. Personally, in many cases, I prefer it to .NET.

Some time ago I found this jewel I’d like to share with you. The original article has been posted by Jeff Prosise, in Microsoft Systems Journal, February 1997 – Vol 12 No 2, article Wicked Code.
If you wanna know about all the magic hidden behind the code, read the article.

Unfortunately, the article is not any much clear about how to make it all work, so I decided to write this.

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