Prague and Belgrade Panoramas

Ever since I bought my first digital camera (in January 2005, haha), I always wanted to make my own panoramas. It was just a “stupid” M307 HP compact. So you can imagine – no manual settings, only presets available for white balance; the usual lot you get when you don’t know yet what all you need, and don’t wanna spend too much money on something you have no idea if you’ll ever need.

But then again, there’s always Photoshop to fix anything that went wrong, right?

So, even with photos that each has different exposure and white balance, you can still make panoramas that look at least decent.

Well, I’m writing all this self-praise to say something else – I was always planning on writing a small guide/tutorial on how to make panoramas in Photoshop, but I never knew if it wouldn’t be just a loss of time. So, if anyone’s interested, just let me know, and I can put something simple together as a page here.

Here are few of my creations

– yes, both of these are panoramas, only a bit different kind – they are “vertical panoramas”, stitched from 2 and 3 ‘landscape’ photos respectively, to compensate for long lens even at widest angle (M307’s widest angle is 36mm!)

– the next one has quite a funny story about it – notice the guy walking in the center of panorama (dark blue jacket with white strip); then look to the right, where the statue is standing – yes, the guy to the right of the statue is the same one! I didn’t notice this until when I was working on the panorama, so I left it the way it is, just for the heck of it 😀

– and now follows series of “sky panoramas”, ranging between 3 and 9 photos per panorama:

– and finally, one roof-top panorama from Belgrade (7 photos):

I hope you enjoyed the exhibition, and if anyone has a new wallpaper thanks to these – great! 😀

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