Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy

Every time we had to read any book for school, I simply refused to do it. What’s more, I never after read the books, even if people were telling me how great they really are… I guess I just have this repulsion in me, when anyone tells me I have to read anything.

The only exceptions to this were books that I read before I found out that we have to read them.

Among these were some of my still favourite books – Russian classics (Dostoevsky and the bunch), Saroyan, etc. …

But somehow special, popping up here and there in my mind, has always been Dante’s Divine Comedy.

I have no real idea why this book means so much to me. I read it first time when I was about 13 years old, and since then I’m hooked. For few years now I’m planning on making an animation of the decent into inferno in some 3D modelling program, but as usual, no time for that.

And again, few weeks ago, I remembered this book. Since I didn’t have chance of getting some good copy out of library, I started to browse the Net, to find some good PDF copy, to just glimpse through the book a bit… But, surprise surprise! nowhere to find one.

In the end, since I really love this book, I took a wonderful translation by H. W. Longfellow (including his commentary), and original illustrations by Gustave Dorè, and started preparing my own version in LaTeX.

Currently, I’m more than half way through the Inferno. I’m not yet sure if I’ll work also on Purgatorio and Paradiso, since those 2 parts of the book don’t mean as much to me as the Inferno, but if anyone will be interested, I can give it a try also.

Be sure I’ll post the complete PDF file once it’s done. Till then, just let me know if anyone is at all interested.

edit3. feb. 2008 – as promised, PDF version of Inferno is now available

Tips on ICS on Windows XP

If you’re not in mood to read all I have to say, and want just simple plain tips, feel free to skip to the end of post. 🙂

About a month ago, I was trying to set-up ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) between my computer and my wife’s laptop.

There sure are many guides on the Net about how to set all up, and what to do or not to do. Unfortunately, many of them are contradicting each other (or sometimes even themselves, haha!).

All I needed to set up was the ICS itself, no disk/file/printer sharing. Thus, most of stuff that follows won’t be useful for anyone who needs also any other kind of sharing, except of the connection to the internet. To be precise, switching off all other kinds of sharing helped me to achieve much higher stability of service.

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Hello all!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I started this blog to write about stuff that I find out, or read about, that I find interesting and/or helpful, in hope that anyone else will find it such also. I primarily plan on posting here science, programming, and photography related stuff, but as it always comes in life, I’m sure other stuff will find it’s way here also.

I’m really looking forward to any of your comments, so feel free to comment anytime you feel like it (on topic, of course :), and be sure I’ll read all of the comments, even if it happens I won’t reply to some (which I’ll try not to do; if I’ll have anything to reply to your comment, I’ll do so).

Thanks once again for your visit, and hope to hear from you!